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Find the compactor best suited for your application:

• What kind of waste are you dealing with?

• What size and volume of waste are you handling?

• What, if any, are your current hauling costs?

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In order to determine the money you could save:

• Volume/Compaction Ratio = Future Volume

• Future Volume/ Size of Container = Number of Future Pick Ups Needed

• Future Pick Ups x Cost Per Pick Up = Projected Future Hauling Cost

• Present Cost - Future Cost = Projected Annual Savings



•Vertical balers for creating bales are suited best for low volume applications or materials like plastics, paper, rags, cans, and other recyclable materials.

•Automated closed door horizontal balers for a medium volume of waste and are ideal for processing a wide variety of recyclable materials.


•Chute fed compactors for trash waste or recyclables

•Reduce Labor cost and reduces disposal fees

•Less space for solid waste

Pre Crushers

•Reduce heavy shipping crates and barrels to a fraction of their original bulk Every stroke of the powerful ram crushes the disposed material against a tough solid steel bulkhead at the end of the chamber. The bulk head then lifts and the crushed material is forced into the receiving container. They achieve high reduction ratios because the loaded material loses “memory” as air pockets are removed. Pre crushers are great for offering substantial savings in hauling costs

•For large bulky items such barrels and wood pallets